The 2016 election

Its been quite sometime since I made a post on here and I am sorry about that. It’s been a little crazy in my life, but I wanted to take a moment and talk about my takes on the 2016 election and how disgusted I am with the candidates thus far. Especially the GOP runners.

I am an avid conservative and I think that the group as a whole is taking a dive to the bottom. The “establishment” needs to be challenged and Trump and Cruz are doing just that, they are something different which is what I think this country needs. However not this. We do not Trump, he is a loose canon who will kill any existing or potential foreign relationships for our country. Although I personally believe he is moderate on social issues, he is still full fledged capitalism and I’m not convinced we need to unleash the reigns on big business just yet. I do however think that he makes a good candidate for reinvigorating small business, however I am not a single issue voter so I cant give him a thumbs up.

Cruz on the other hand scares me, as I mentioned before I am conservative, but in the social arena. He is a religious fanatic who wants to push his faith onto a country that is consistently moving away from it. In addition there is a huge driving force of young people in this country that although may be religious, they do not want to see same sex marriage bans and abortions becoming illegal. If Cruz was elected we would have businesses right and left deny services to gays, which is not right. You can make the statement that gays can go elsewhere, but what if you live in a small town with one grocery store? Does that grocery store not have a commitment to serve everyone who comes into it’s establishment? I say yes they do, unless that customer is breaking the law.

So here we stand, two candidates in my mind that will take our country into a possible hole, deeper than we supposedly are already in. Trump will devastate foreign business relations, Cruz will segregate portions of the population who are not inline with his beliefs….. I only hope something happens that will bring the party back into a legitimate force of good for the country. To read more about these guys, click on the pics below. trump


Small Business

Having a robust small business market in the US is vital to the health of our nation. It is what our nation was built on, I continually struggle with the notion that either of our two party system actually helps small businesses. Both have done so much to help drive this important facet of our nation into the ground. Democtrats love to say that thru regulation/taxation of large corporations our small business sector will thrive, when all it does is cause is cause more mergers. If you squeeze these large companies than they feel that they need economies of scale. It is happening right now in healthcare. We are seeing large companies go into massive aquisition stances and they are gobbling up all the small players. Now there is some inherint benefits, but there is also some costs. With less competition, comes more control of costs. If you only have one company to choose from, they own the market and they have complete control of pricing. Versus the customer having that control thru their buying habits.

The right side of the aisle seems to forget that there actions also inhibit small businesses. Thru limited regulation, the small guys now have less worry about ramifications of their actions. A great example is the cable/internet market. Comcast has been able to essentially take control of what we watch, how we watch it, and what we pay for it because of the lack of oversight. There is not motivation to offer better internet speeds at a competitive price. We are very far behind on internet speeds as a nation. Another more extreme case is the housing market, lenders were not regulated to offer sound loans to people who could afford them. So what you have is a market preying on people to take out massive loans they cannot afford to take. Essentially crushing the market and causing a recession. We have to have some sort of regulation to protect the population.

So what is the answer? Not really sure, maybe a hybrid of the two? How do you tell which tactic is going to to work? Is deregulation going to help strengthen the economy or hurt it? Is it really that bad that we have the ultra rich as long as we have a strong middle class? These are all the questions that we need to answer as a nation. A friend of mine owns a small fabrication business (  where i had some parts made for a car I am restoring, and he had a pretty good idea of what would help him at least. He mentioned that he does not really see too much of an issue of having to pay taxes, granted less is always best, but reducing the barriers to entry would be huge. The regulations and complexity of the tax system is what would help. He has to spend a lot of money to make sure that 1. He is paying enough, and 2. He is getting the breaks he needs. He would rather just pay a flat tax rate every year based off his revenue and call it day. No more saving every receipt for every expense, or having to worry about how many employees he has for tax purposes. Just pay to play. Its a novel thought for sure, just not sure our government can make it that simple.  Continue reading

Making a change

Sarah Palin came out of nowhere in the GOP when she was chosen to be the VP candidate for Joh McCain. Prior to that nomination I honestly think that the general public even knew who she was at the time. That didn’t seem to matter as she obviously polarized the nation and built an extremely strong army of supporters. Both inside of Alaska and out. I recently spoke to a small business owner who runs a house cleaning business who was living in Alaska at the time. He told me that Sarah Palin made quite a name for herself as governor of Alaska. Challenging the status quo and working with democratic’s to clean up an oil and gas industry riddled with corrupt politics. This came about from her extensive experience working on the Alaska Oil and Gas Commission. However her accomplishments as governor are hard to argue as anything less than successful. He also told me quite frankly that many Alaskans, albeit disagreed with her social views on abortion and religion were willing to forego those ideologies in order to clean up the economic and environmental disaster the big energy companies were creating.

In the late fifty’s a massive oil deposit was found on the north slope, this energized Alaskans as they had a natural resource that could sustain a healthy economy by creating jobs and infrastructure. Something Alaska did not have at the time as it was mainly thought of as a remote outpost without much to bring to the rest of the country. As the boom progressed it really did benefit a large majority of the population of Alaska, however as most big companies operate, the will of the people was lost on profits and they became skeptical of the influence the companies had on politicians. This was the case until Palin became apart of the Oil and gas commission. She challenged the relationship Randy Ruedrich (head of Alaska’s republican party and commission chair) had with the big oil companies. Specifically his willingness to share private information with them, essentially giving them a heads up on any measures that would inhibit their profits.

Palin saw this as bad politics and wrote a letter to the governor about what she saw. The letter eventually was leaked to the media and the end result led to the resignation of Ruedrich. This also caught the attention of democrats in Alaska, they saw Palin as someone who was willing to challenge shady politics and work in the best interest of the people of Alaska. She adamantly wants to drill in Alaska, but she wants it to be done ethically and in the best interest of the people of Alaska and the United States. As I mentioned in one of my previous post’s , Sarah Palin gets a bad wrap as someone who supports ruining our environment and only cares about big industry, when she actually made a name for her self as someone who challenges these corporations and there shady tactics at swaying policy. Read more about her here.

The Outdoors

I recently went on a deer hunting trip in Oregon and was reminded of what government regulation does to our beloved hunters. Many people think that hunting should be banned, hunters go in the woods and litter, start forest fires and just kill everything they see. Well I am here to tell you that this is just not the case. There are always going to be the few bad apples that ruin it for the majority, and I am not implying that every single hunter in the woods follows the rules of land. However a majority of the people that actively hunt are actually conservationists. You see we want to protect what we use, same concept as a drummer who buys a new drum set. Unless your Keith Moon from the who, your not going to set the thing up and destroy it hours later. You are going to take care of it, make sure that it looks nice, sounds nice, and protect it from the elements. The same goes for the wilderness, we want to continue hunting in our prized hunting locations. We want to come back year after year and not see it be different. Because if it changes than we risk losing the animals we hunt.

When I am in the woods, I am diligent about packing out what I packed in. There is not even a thought of leaving a trace of human existence. I am a steward of the land and I do not want to see it worse for wear. The same goes for the rivers and oceans, the last thing I want to pull up on my hook is garbage. Or a fish that looks sickly and under weight from toxic sludge being dumped into our oceans. You see the left side wants to control every aspect of our lives. They want to regulate everything to “keep it safe”, but in reality government does a poor job at just about everything. Have you see how well they take care of our veterans? The VA is a bureaucratic mess that actually assists with making people worse. Is this the government that we want to keep our forests and oceans clean? They also want to shut off access to wilderness area’s to “protect them”. Not allowing it to be logged and let the forest build up mass amounts of kindling for the next wild fire. What does this do? It makes it almost impossible to put out. Our forests/rivers need to be managed, not controlled.

Sarah Palin for VP

I started this blog with the intention of promoting a true American hero, and here I am not quite sure how to start it off…. so I think I will just write what I think and let the words flow from my keyboard and see where it takes me. You see I am from Alaska, and if your from Alaska you think just little differently than if your from the states, especially from the big city. Although I live in a city currently, I continually long to be outside in the wilderness, whether it be hunting, fishing, or just taking a walk in the woods. I own guns, a lot of guns! Some of my more liberal friends ask me why I love guns so much, well not quite sure the exact reason other than they are fun. And that is my right, I like guns and I want to own them, plain and simple.

I recently watched Sarah Palin’s speech when she launched her support for Donald Trump, I was surprised, to say the least that she chose Trump over a more conservative candidate like Ted Cruz who is obviously much farther to the right than Trump. Back in 2008 Sarah Palin took a lot of heat for her ultra-conservative views on religion, abortion, and the look of the American family. With her track record on these topics it seemed to me a no brainer that she would throw her hat in the ring with someone like Cruz. However she didn’t, she chose a more moderate conservative in place of that.

So what does this mean? I’m not really sure I have the answer for that question, but I am ready to give my take on the matter. The media does a fantastic job of telling their story, they will give you just a little bit of truth to get you to bite. Then they reel you in with altered versions of reality making you believe what they are spouting.  So they take someone like Sarah Palin and tell you that her values are A, and there is no way that they can be B. Now they may site some of the policies she put forth as governor of Alaska, but remember those policies are not just the result of one person. They are the result of a group of people in office or surrounding her in her camp. As a politician you must work with many people, your not sitting at your desk all day long writing law’s by yourself, you are working with a team of people with different view points, motivations, and idea’s. In my opinions policy is the culmination of many people working together to reach the finish line.

Today’s society wants to see someone in a bubble, un-capable of having the capacity to change there viewpoint. Personally I like to see people as humans,  and humans are imperfect and have the capability to change. Donald Trump is ostracized for not being the atypical conservative, and that, to me is the reason why he is winning. He is challenging the status-quo and the establishment. Bringing the men and women who have not brought about change to task. This is what Sarah Palin has always been about, she wants to see change and she is putting her support for someone who she feels will make that change. Sarah Palin will never be the vice president of the United States, I get that. However take a moment and think about what this world would be like for those of us who share the same values of the outdoors, hunting, and guns as I/we do? Would it really be all that bad?