Sarah Palin for VP

I started this blog with the intention of promoting a true American hero, and here I am not quite sure how to start it off…. so I think I will just write what I think and let the words flow from my keyboard and see where it takes me. You see I am from Alaska, and if your from Alaska you think just little differently than if your from the states, especially from the big city. Although I live in a city currently, I continually long to be outside in the wilderness, whether it be hunting, fishing, or just taking a walk in the woods. I own guns, a lot of guns! Some of my more liberal friends ask me why I love guns so much, well not quite sure the exact reason other than they are fun. And that is my right, I like guns and I want to own them, plain and simple.

I recently watched Sarah Palin’s speech when she launched her support for Donald Trump, I was surprised, to say the least that she chose Trump over a more conservative candidate like Ted Cruz who is obviously much farther to the right than Trump. Back in 2008 Sarah Palin took a lot of heat for her ultra-conservative views on religion, abortion, and the look of the American family. With her track record on these topics it seemed to me a no brainer that she would throw her hat in the ring with someone like Cruz. However she didn’t, she chose a more moderate conservative in place of that.

So what does this mean? I’m not really sure I have the answer for that question, but I am ready to give my take on the matter. The media does a fantastic job of telling their story, they will give you just a little bit of truth to get you to bite. Then they reel you in with altered versions of reality making you believe what they are spouting.  So they take someone like Sarah Palin and tell you that her values are A, and there is no way that they can be B. Now they may site some of the policies she put forth as governor of Alaska, but remember those policies are not just the result of one person. They are the result of a group of people in office or surrounding her in her camp. As a politician you must work with many people, your not sitting at your desk all day long writing law’s by yourself, you are working with a team of people with different view points, motivations, and idea’s. In my opinions policy is the culmination of many people working together to reach the finish line.

Today’s society wants to see someone in a bubble, un-capable of having the capacity to change there viewpoint. Personally I like to see people as humans,  and humans are imperfect and have the capability to change. Donald Trump is ostracized for not being the atypical conservative, and that, to me is the reason why he is winning. He is challenging the status-quo and the establishment. Bringing the men and women who have not brought about change to task. This is what Sarah Palin has always been about, she wants to see change and she is putting her support for someone who she feels will make that change. Sarah Palin will never be the vice president of the United States, I get that. However take a moment and think about what this world would be like for those of us who share the same values of the outdoors, hunting, and guns as I/we do? Would it really be all that bad?

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