The 2016 election

Its been quite sometime since I made a post on here and I am sorry about that. It’s been a little crazy in my life, but I wanted to take a moment and talk about my takes on the 2016 election and how disgusted I am with the candidates thus far. Especially the GOP runners.

I am an avid conservative and I think that the group as a whole is taking a dive to the bottom. The “establishment” needs to be challenged and Trump and Cruz are doing just that, they are something different which is what I think this country needs. However not this. We do not Trump, he is a loose canon who will kill any existing or potential foreign relationships for our country. Although I personally believe he is moderate on social issues, he is still full fledged capitalism and I’m not convinced we need to unleash the reigns on big business just yet. I do however think that he makes a good candidate for reinvigorating small business, however I am not a single issue voter so I cant give him a thumbs up.

Cruz on the other hand scares me, as I mentioned before I am conservative, but in the social arena. He is a religious fanatic who wants to push his faith onto a country that is consistently moving away from it. In addition there is a huge driving force of young people in this country that although may be religious, they do not want to see same sex marriage bans and abortions becoming illegal. If Cruz was elected we would have businesses right and left deny services to gays, which is not right. You can make the statement that gays can go elsewhere, but what if you live in a small town with one grocery store? Does that grocery store not have a commitment to serve everyone who comes into it’s establishment? I say yes they do, unless that customer is breaking the law.

So here we stand, two candidates in my mind that will take our country into a possible hole, deeper than we supposedly are already in. Trump will devastate foreign business relations, Cruz will segregate portions of the population who are not inline with his beliefs….. I only hope something happens that will bring the party back into a legitimate force of good for the country. To read more about these guys, click on the pics below. trump


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